Welcome to LeagueCraft!

LeagueCraft is Bukkit-powered Minecraft server with a focus on hardcore PvP through faction raids and wars. LeagueCraft is a server for the fierce warriors to show their might through the rise of a powerful faction and the struggle for supremacy. LeagueCraft also offers a friendly but fair administration to ensure a mature and respectful community without trolls or hackers.

Killing, stealing and raiding is promoted for increased PvP fights and faction conflicts. There is no chest or door protection on faction lands. You can also use TNT cannons (We have a TNT Cannon plugin) to break in someone's base. This server is for real warriors!

To promote PvP, we have disabled /spawn, we've installed CombatTag which prevents players from logging out of combat and we've added a short warm-up to commands such as /f home. HeroSneak prevents player tags to be shown through walls. There's also more!

Thanks to Bukkit and plugin coders, LeagueCraft offers features not experience in vanilla Minecraft. Some plugins installed are:

To join our server, connect to leaguecraft.chickenkiller.com:25765

Have fun!